The 1 Reason Cutting Out Friends Will Allow You To Achieve Anything

Achieve Big

In 2015 I gave up the privilege of having friends so that I could achieve anything I wanted. To my surprise, here’s what I learned from my lonely 2-year experience….


4 years ago, before I was a self-proclaimed marketing agency owner and six figure earner and hoped to achieve everything and anything – I found myself in debt and in a mess. By cutting out every friend and pleasure I had in my life, I ultimately discovered true happiness and massive success.

The reason why poor people stay poor is because they don’t understand how to differentiate action from habit. Not to mention they do not understand how money functions within the system, which as a result makes them dependent on such systems, but also have no ability to disconnect their personal emotions from money.

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On this episode, Myke Metzger explains his affiliate marketing strategy.


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Instead of the outdated MLM model of recruiting friends and family, Myke says that it makes more sense to position yourself in front of people who are already looking for a particular solution. (For example, software, luxury automobiles, and high-end water filters). He also believes in focusing on higher conversions and testing your results. Don’t be like most people who simply “get ready to get ready”… take small actions today that pay off in the near future.


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Date: March 14, 2017
Appearance: The Robert Plank Show • Episode #266 How to Generate High, Targeted, and Fast Commissions with Myke Metzger
Outlet: The Robert Plank Show #266: Affiliate Mastery: How to Generate High, Targeted, and Fast Commissions with Myke Metzger
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5 Steps To Building Your Confidence 10X

Because you need to in order to succeed.

Building confidence is a necessary exercise for many of us…


Understanding how to build confidence does not come naturally, building it up takes deliberate, conscious effort. While no step-by-step program is perfect, the following are five steps that may help you build up your sense of confidence.

 Confidence Building Business Man


1. Set Goals That Will Help You Build Your Confidence.

Write them down. Make a list of your goals, long and short-term, and then below each goal write the steps it will take to get there. For example, if one of your goals is to launch a website to earn money, your list might look like this:

The Synergy Collaborative exists to provide individuals and businesses an opportunity to accelerate their online exposure through cooperative and collaborative networking by ‘liking’ ‘commenting’ and ‘sharing’ each others posts on multiple online platforms strategically with targeted intention. Today’s featured guest is ‘Myke Metzger’!

GUEST: Myke Metzger

HOST: Brad Gudim

Date: January 25, 2017
Appearance: Self-Made Digital Entrepreneur Myke Metzger on SynergyCafe with MagicBrad
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