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The Lazy Entrepreneurs’ Way to Website Design

The Lazy Entrepreneurs’ Way to Website Design

Over the years, the patience to spend many hours designing the website right and creating innovative strategies for it has diminished among many entrepreneurs. Now, most of them hardly have the time or the expected energy to pay extra attention to their website...

Memorial: Marian Metzger-Hirsh Eulogy, Written by Her Grandson

Memorial: Marian Metzger-Hirsh Eulogy, Written by Her Grandson

Marian Hirsh passed on peacefully at 3:09 pm on Tuesday, July 20th 2021 with family by her side, including myself. I am Myke Metzger, Marian’s grandson, oldest son of Ed Metzger. While it’s easy for us to be sad, Marian’s life story is not a sad one. She was a...

Myke Metzger w/ coffee in hand at Blacnchard's Coffee in Richmond, VA

Meet Myke – Speaker, Marketer, Author & Creator.

I know you’re tired of seeing others quickly find success, and getting all the recognition in the world that is meant for you.  I know what it’s like not to live up to your full potential in a digital world full of opportunities. I did the same thing for quite a while, long before I became a digital marketing consultant for some of the most popular brands, influencers, and athletes on Earth.

Author of

the “Credibility Method”

Learn the simple 4 step ‘TREK Method’ which will show you how to increase and establish your credibility, legitimacy, and chances of success. This book is for entrepreneurs or career starters looking to pump up their legitimacy, improve their resume, impress their audience, and gain massive credibility.

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As CEO and founder of stoqd marketing, I’m a consultant for many popular brands, influencers, athletes and more.

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Myke has shared the stage with Grant Cardone, Billy Gene, Dan Fleyshman, Ryan Stewman, Sean Whalen, Casey Adams, Jason Stone, Marshall Sylver, Jason Capital, Alex Morton, and many others.