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Please don’t interpret any of this presentation as some sort of promise or implication of your future earnings. My results aren’t even remotely typical. I’ve been at this nonstop for over 3 years, and naturally have a bit of an advantage as a result. The average person who attends any “business building” course (or something similar) rarely gets any results at all. Kind of like how the average person who buys home exercise equipment rarely ends up looking like the person in the commercials. I don’t know why that is, but I think it’s safe to say it’s true across the board. THIS STUFF IS ALL HARD. And it takes WORK and RISK.



At the end of 2013, I was a 24-year-old part-time bartender in the city of Richmond, VA (where I still live today), I was flat broke, in debt for numerous reasons which I’ll explain briefly in a minute.

I was in a relationship with a girl (I refuse to call this person a woman), who was engaged to another man, lived with him in D.C. and was also pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, I am the “boyfriend” who had been dating her for two years and had no clue this was going on. Crazy right?

I was usually drinking every day and night, even when I had work. I mean, I was a bartender for shit’s sake. I had been fired from over 13 jobs in a row. Bartending was the only thing that made sense for me. I thought I was cool, and I liked to party and drink, so it made sense, right?

During these 2 years of bartending, I was dating that girl, hanging out with absolute idiots, putting myself into a deep financial hole and I highly doubt my parents were even remotely proud of me. I had planned on selling my car (the only thing of value I owned) and a very close friend of mine ended up stealing it from me…

That’s a long story that I won’t get into, but needless to say… It really messed things up for me. I haven’t spoken to him since that day. My original plan was to sell my car, move to the city, go to trade school, and get my life together. That definitely didn’t happen. Instead, I spent my days and nights partying, working at bars and strip clubs, surrounding myself with horrible people, and investing my energy into bad habits. I lived in a shack of a house in Richmond that cost me $100 per month in rent – the roof was caving in, the bathroom was falling through the ceiling, the toilets as well as the appliances, did not work. I couldn’t even afford to spend a simple $100 so I was always hiding from my landlord to avoid paying rent. My bedroom was no bigger than a closet and I would actually hang my clothes on the wall with thumbtacks because I had nowhere else to put them.

In early 2014, I was introduced to MLM. Yes… we’ve all been there. A friend tries to sell you on their special butt cream, and we tell them no. Right? Well, I kept an open mind and I jumped into MLM. In under two years I used the marketing industry to turn myself from a dud, into a super stud.

Shortly after jumping into MLM, my past came to bite me in the ass, and I had to spend 4 weekends in jail for receiving my 3rd “driving on a suspended license” ticket – and in that jail pod I read a book called “The Power” and it changed my life.

Today, I travel the U.S. teaching high ticket affiliate sales and online marketing. I have shared the stage with some of the most amazing business moguls and entrepreneurs on earth, I have taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to market their business, and I have rid myself of any financial restraints.

2015 was the first year I accomplished over $10k month, which was a huge landmark for me. Some of the people whom I looked up to and watched YouTube videos of in 2014, are now people that I work hand-in-hand with today and speak to on an hourly basis even. I have an amazing woman by my side (and a pretty awesome cat named Bella), and a wonderful support system built around me filled with great people. I went from a drunk idiot with ZERO credibility, and being hung up on and ignored daily when trying to pursue business of any kind… to being messaged DAILY for help and advice, being paid over $500.00 an hour, and having clients pay me over $2,500 for one day of my time and marketing efforts.

I have sold everything from energy drinks and coupons, to high end electronics and $5,000 water filters. I have experienced a lot in my short 3 year career, and I have built this website and poured my heart into content for you, because I truly believe that If I can succeed online, so can you.

I will always remember where I came from. I will always remember the haters and the people who royally screwed me, and I will forever be grateful for them all, because it allowed me to share with you what I have taught (and hopefully you apply) through this website and many other means.

To all of your future success,




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