If You’re Not Using a Cloud Storage Service as a Digital Marketer or Agency You’re Making a Devastating Mistake

If you work at or own a digital marketing agency, you already know just how important certain SaaS applications are to your business.

These services include web hosting, live chat, team collaboration tools, and reliable cloud storage. I think some people greatly underestimate how important it is to have all of your files properly backed up and accessible from all of your devices.

I was prompted to write this article after a slight mishap I had with my iMacs last week. I literally spent 4 days trying to untangle the mess that was my iCloud – and just my files on my devices in general. Luckily, I resolved it – but if I hadn’t, I was still in luck because I have my entire life backed up on the cloud.

Let’s quickly discuss what would happen if I didn’t though: my business and even my personal life would be completely wrecked basically overnight. Everything I do is managed on my devices. My productivity, my schedule, my content, my. calendar, hundreds of clients as well as all of the files that come along with them. People can check out Custom Kalimba Thumb Piano for the best client gift. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about pCloud – my preferred cloud-based storage solution. I recommend it for digital marketers, freelancers, agencies, and really just anyone who has a phone or computer.

Founded in 2013, pCloud is still relatively new to online storage scene, but it sets itself apart by offering versatile multimedia features, including robust sharing capabilities, unparalleled security, and top-notch encryption. It is high time that people realise the importance of cloud and IIOT cybersecurity.

Here are 7 reasons why I think pCloud is the perfect cloud storage solution:

1. Features a “Rewind” System

To ensure your data is secure at all times, pCloud makes five separate versions of every uploaded file into its servers located at three different data center facilities in Dallas, Texas. This maintains the integrity of your uploaded data in the event one of the data center facilities is compromised.

pCloud’s ‘Rewind’ feature makes sure you never lose your original work if you’ve got multiple teams working on the same project and someone mistakenly overrides a saved file. Plus, it tracks your file history for up to 30 days, allowing you to go back to the previous version of the file in case you made a mistake.

For long-term projects, it is best to buy pCloud’s extended file history (EFH) service to track file versions for 360 days- just to be safe. You never know when you’ll need this life-saving feature.

2. Offers Top-Notch Cloud Encryption

In an age of increased interconnectivity, we’re all engaged in a no-holds-barred contest with hackers who are trying to break into our files. This can be a problem if you’re dealing with sensitive information and can’t afford ransomware attacks. Non-encrypted files will always be at risk of being stolen.

pCloud Crypto makes a difference by offering one of the best client-side encryption services money can buy. Without boring you with the technical jargon, most cloud storage systems will secure your files by using AES SSL 256 bit encryption. This makes sure no one can look into your files without access to an encryption key.

However, once the file is completely uploaded, the encryption is removed and anyone with access to the server can access the data. This could be law enforcement agencies, government authorities, and the server staff members themselves!

pCloud gives you the power of encryption with the pCloud Crypto. This is done by encrypting the file on your computer before uploading it for storage. You’ll need CryptoPass to unlock the file, thus avoiding a potential PR nightmare in case someone unauthorized gains access to your files.

3. Available on All Platforms

One of pCloud’s best features is its almost-universal compatibility across mainstream digital platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can effortlessly update all your files using pCloud’s auto-sync feature. This way, you’ll always have access to your file anywhere in the world using both desktop PCs and mobile phones.

You’ll notice that pCloud syncs up efficiently across multiple devices, allowing you to sync up your iPhone, iPad, iMacs, desktops, laptops – you name it. If you worked on an important presentation from home, you can access it later by opening pCloud on your smartphone. You can make and save changes made to the file from your smartphone on-the-go and review the latest changes on your PC the next time you access it from home.

4. Facilitates Syncing

On the desktop version of pCloud, you can specify a local folder that you always want to sync with the pCloud. It is a simple process: just add a folder for synchronization, right-click on a local folder, and click “Sync to pCloud.” Now, simply choose the location where you want to sync the folder on your pCloud Drive folder and you’re done.

Alternatively, navigate to the Sync tab on the pCloud Drive app and click on “Add New Sync.” You can select a local folder and browse to the folder of your choice. When you are done, click “Save” and your synchronization settings will be saved. To stop syncing files and folders, click the X button located on the extreme right. 

5. Includes Support for Most Online Platforms

Most cloud storage providers, including Dropbox and Google Drive, let you upload files directly from third-party services like Facebook, Picasa, and Instagram. For instance, if you connect your pCloud with Facebook, your pictures will be backed up in their proper folder and album.

This is a great way to backup your data from social media sites, especially when you’re dealing with sensitive data that is at risk of getting deleted.

6. Has a User-Friendly Mobile App

Image result for pcloud

pCloud’s mobile app offers an easy-to-use dashboard with a convenient interface that lets you upload, share, and arrange files with a single touch. pCloud automatically identifies the file type of each upload and categorizes them into four kinds of files: document, sound, video, and image. The app lets you arrange files based on how you want to use them.

Crypto Folder shows files that have encryption applied to them. Offline Files gives your phone access to files if you don’t have internet. Shared Folders lets you share files with the public. You can easily create new folders and change the structure of your files in real-time with the app.

If you’ve stored thousands of files and want to retrieve them ASAP, use the quick search feature to trace them down.

Download the app to learn more about the fluid experience yourself.

7. It’s Affordable!

pCloud offers a great way to save money by signing up for their lifetime subscription, which is extremely affordable in the long run. They’re always offering upgrade promotions on holidays and Black Friday to paying users. Their premium 500 GB Annual plan starts at only $3.99 per month, the Premium Plus 2 TB Annual starts at $7.99 per month, and our favorite, the Premium 500 GB Lifetime is only $175. 

Plus you can get the first 10GB of storage space along with loads of premium features completely free of charge.


pCloud is one of the cleanest cloud storage services I’ve used in a while, and you can get started with 10GB on a free account, which makes it a no brainer. I literally hate Google Drive and Dropbox. pCloud is easy to use, and it boasts powerful security features, robust syncing options, and compatibility across different devices, all at an affordable and convenient price plan if you decide to upgrade. They also offer an exciting affiliate program here that allows you to earn 20% recurring commissions from customers you refer.

Sign up for pCloud here and get 10 GB free cloud storage.
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