Should You Hire Ruby Receptionists? Are They Any Good?

An In-Depth Review of Ruby Receptionists and Why I Use Them as My Ultimate Gatekeepers

Ruby Receptionists, also known as “Call Ruby” is a virtual answering service for SMBs.  They were founded in 2003 by Jill Nelson. Their call center is located in Portland and their beginner plan offers phone coverage of around 16 hours per month. This is enough for most small businesses that aren’t dealing with customers around the clock.

Why hire a virtual receptionist anyway?

The pay-as-you-go model of Ruby Receptionists makes them an obvious choice for any business. You only have to pay a fixed amount to hire their services and you’re good to go. Compare this with a full-time in-house receptionist. Not only do you have to provide them with a salary, benefits, office space, but also have to take into account PTO, sick days, and more.

This is often too much for small businesses that don’t have the budget to afford a live receptionist. Your core employees should not be expected to do everything for the company because it may backfire in one way or another. The primary advantage of hiring Ruby Receptionists is that it provides both you and your staff the free time so you can focus on core areas of your business that truly matter.

The last thing a small business needs is to be disrupted by calls when you’re in the middle of product design or working with a client. 

When you’re just starting out, you need to create a good first impression to clients who call you for inquiries. If the voice on the other end isn’t friendly enough and full of excitement and understanding, they will drop the call and seek business elsewhere.

Ask yourself an important question; during the day-to-day tasks of running your business under a strict time obligations and meeting deadlines, do you really have the time to entertain someone calling in for inquiries? No, this is a job best left for a virtual receptionist or a setter.

Handling important calls only, thanks to Ruby.
Ruby helps me maximize my time to make sure I’m only taking the calls that are absolutely necessary, and are money making calls.

When you’re just starting out, you want to avoid giving off ‘small company’ vibes to prospective clients. This isn’t good for two reasons:

1.) They may think you’re a pushover and strive for discounts and cheap services

2.) They won’t think you’re up to the task. Part of the small business charm is being able to offer a personalized service with attention to detail. This is where Ruby Receptionists come in and can help take the extra time to screen your calls and qualify prospects correctly, and most importantly use your branding and company name.

Besides, you don’t want the same lackluster and boring voice picking up the phone whenever prospects call in for business inquiries. If you’re like us, you need a professional with an authoritative voice and empathetic personality guiding prospective customers in. Confidence always sells.

This is also the role of a virtual receptionist. The receptionists at Ruby Receptionists are thorough professionals who know the ins and outs of customer behavior. They’re so efficient that many businesses use them as their first and last line of defense when things go south. They use their extensive sales training to buy you the additional time necessary for damage control, perhaps that means pushing out a new product, or replacing a broken product, and more.

The receptionists can also make outbound calls for you and confirm your appointments. You can choose your own scripts or have them design one for you if you’re not sure how this works. However, don’t expect Ruby to work as your main lead generation service or cold calling center, they’re only here to receive calls from prospective clients. Besides, there are so many sources of lead generation available that it’s just inefficient (look to search engines, SEO, PPC, and social media for lead generation instead).

Phone Coverage is Even 24/7!

Ruby will even take care of your calls when you’re away or asleep – or outside of business hours. This is tremendously helpful if you are busy or if you’re usually used to taking calls on your personal number. Allowing Ruby to handle your calls at all hours of the day or night will give you the time freedom you’ve likely never experienced. This has helped me to focus much more heavily on high priority tasks rather than checking my phone or voicemails. If you have any questions about how I use Ruby feel free to drop me a line here.

For busy hours during the day, Ruby receptionists do a great job of handling calls, updating clients, giving clear instructions, and more. The best part is, they will make ‘meaningful connections’ with your clients. Being personable and relatable to your clients is an important aspect of being a small business. You can depend on your virtual receptionist to handle this component as well. Plus, you can get a $150 VISA gift card when you sign up using our exclusive link here.

Live Chat is Available 24/7

Although phone coverage isn’t 24/7, their live chat service is. If you don’t have a website with a live chat feature, you’re really missing out. It’s really easy and Ruby Receptionists will actually set Live Chat up for you. You will get a dedicated chat specialist who will engage your visitors just as they drop in to your website and ask questions.

How Do They Sound Over the Phone?

Ruby Receptionists are like an extension of your staff and they make sure to behave as such. No one, not even your core team members, will be able to tell a difference. And that’s good for business. They sound professional and know how to handle difficult situations. It’s certainly better than redirecting incoming calls to voice mail.

The last thing your business needs is having a monotonous robot devoid of emotions answering their phone calls. Making that essential human connection is the definitive way to increase sales, and I feel that Ruby Receptionists will give you that competitive edge, the same way it does for me.

Try Ruby out risk-free and use both the link and promo code to get a $150 gift card when you sign up to become a customer.


Promo Code: MYKEMETZGE11

Ruby Receptionists review

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